All The Gold You Can Eat is a
groundbreaking independent
documentary that sets out to explore
and unravel one of history's greatest
enigmas: the mysterious and secretive
art of transforming base metal into gold.

This breathtaking and exquisitely shot
film is an alchemical road movie that
traverses the USA in its quest to unlock
the legendary Philosophers Stone,
fabled for curing all ailments, granting
spiritual enlightenment, and making gold.

What is most extraordinary about the
characters within the film, and their
remarkable claims regarding an exotic
substance called ORMUS, is that against
all expectations, they might be right.

Welcome to the home of All The Gold
You Can Eat, an extraordinary journey
into a truly transformational matter.

This groundbreaking independent documentary
explores a subject that has engaged some of
the finest minds in history and which if true,
could be one of the most important discoveries,
or rediscoveries, in living memory.

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This is a film about uncommon people,
esoteric elements and the making of gold.
Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.

One of the underlying questions that
manifests throughout the film, and that
gathers a myriad of answers along the way,
is deceptively simple: What is ORMUS?

ORMUS is the name given to the mysterious white
powder discovered by David Hudson in the late 1970's,
which he subsequently devoted his life, and many
millions of dollars trying to research and market. He
believed that this exotic substance was the legendary
Philosophers Stone, the mythical prize of alchemical
enquiry that could turn base metals into gold, cure any
illness, and elevate the soul of man to enlightenment.

So what is it? Many of the characters within the film
attempt to define the substance, although according
to Hudson, who is the only person to conduct
extensive research or file patents for the material,
it is a group of metals that can exist in an energetic
state that defies conventional atomic theory.

The name ORMUS is derived from the acronym
for Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements, or
ORME's. Hudson believed that there were twelve
elements within the platinum group of metals
whose atomic structure had the potential to mutate,
causing the electrons within to orbit the nucleus
in an irregular manner. His theory suggests that
these irregular atoms are unable to successfully
bind to form conventional molecules of matter,
hence appearing to the eye as a white powder.

For this reason ORMUS elements are invisible
to conventional spectrographic analysis,
and would appear to behave very differently
whilst in this heightened, energetic state.

Some of the alleged properties of ORMUS
elements are, if true, nothing short of extraordinary.
These include assertions that ORMUS can:

Although ORMUS minerals are believed to have
had widespread ancient reverence and usage, with
many researchers claiming to have established
direct links to a white powder with magical properties
referenced in the early scriptures and texts, the
contemporary name ORMUS was coined by an
American cotton farmer named David Hudson in 1975.

Whilst attempting to chemically extract gold from his soil,
Hudson stumbled across something else, a mysterious
white powder that seemed to have bizarre properties
that defied analysis. When he laid the powder out to
dry in the Arizona sun, it spontaneously exploded in a
massive flash of light, and immediately disappeared.

Upon further scientific study, during which all of the
elements within the powder were individually isolated
and removed, Hudson was left with a material that
seemed to resist both conventional description and form.
Under certain conditions, most notably within changes to
temperature or exposure to air, the physical manifestation
of the substance was seen to radically change.

Among these altered forms were an oil, but also glass.
Elements such as iron spontaneously disappeared
or morphed into other elements. The material also
fluctuated in weight, and was recorded by Hudson
as becoming an electromagnetic superconductor,
possessing the extraordinary capability to levitate.
A successful businessman, Hudson ploughed
millions of his own and other's money into both a
comprehensive scientific study into the material, and
a production plant for widespread distribution.

At the same time, Hudson's relationship with the
substance was becoming more esoteric. He gave a series
of infamous lectures linking the substance to ancient
Egyptian and Biblical alchemy, declaring it to be a kind
of universal medicine that could repair the body on a
genetic level. It was also, he claimed, the link between
body and soul, causing spiritual enlightenment in its
recipients. Hudson had his fifteen minutes, and ORMUS
was placed on the map, but ultimately his production
plant was shut down and his investors lost everything

In March 1988, David Hudson patented the exotic
elements, simultaneously coining the term Orbitally
Rearranged Monoatomic Elements, or ORME's to define
his findings. Once these patents were filed, Hudson, like
his mysterious substance, simply disappeared. He has
maintained his reclusive stance ever since, although
his emergence and first appearance for 20 years at an
ORMUS conference was recorded by Joe and included
in the film, where it is clear that his presentations
and theories have become increasingly bizarre.

It is claimed that there are many methods of creating
the ORMUS or M-State minerals, from the complex to
the very simple, and the film documents a number of
them in its quest to divine the true nature of the matter.

Many of the characters within All The Gold You Can
Eat believe that ORMUS is most effectively derived
from seawater, and that by using either mechanical or
chemical means, it is possible to isolate and condense
the ORMUS Minerals into a solid state. This is the
white powder discovered by David Hudson, who
called it the key to the Philosophers Stone, and it is
the material that this documentary set out to explore.

The process taught to Joe and depicted in the film is
known as the "Wet Method", and it involves creating
a precipitate from seawater (or re-hydrated sea salt),
using a 20% solution of sodium hydroxide. The "Wet
Method" seems to be a simple and favored process
amongst the film's characters; it is used by firefighter
Peter May at the beginning of the film, and by
alchemist Don Nance and Joe as they begin the gold
making process that creates the film's epic finale.

As the film shows, the creation of what is believed
to be ORMUS is really a very straightforward, if
slightly laborious, process. There are already many
ORMUS researchers and advocates who have laid
out the process in detail for the public to view.

For those interested in a comprehensive description
of the production of ORMUS, two of the film's central
characters, Barry Carter and Don Nance, have
posted their methods and fascinating accounts
online, accessed via the links on this page.

The notion of making gold is an idea that has transfixed
great minds and civilizations throughout history.
From the Egyptian magicians to the Elizabethan
alchemists, detailed accounts exist from prominent
individuals as to how the fabled Philosophers Stone
is both created and used, allegedly transmuting
base metal into higher states, including gold.

This intriguing prospect, that of actual gold creation,
stimulated a line of enquiry that ultimately led to the
production of All The Gold You Can Eat. It became
a question that Filmmaker Joe de Kadt simply
couldn't answer through secondary research, and
so he set out to talk to contemporary exponents of
alchemical practice in the hope that they could.

Within the film, the idea of making gold is also quickly
identified by Joe as the only practical, tangible method
of proving or disproving the outlandish theories offered
up by the extraordinary characters that he interviews.

Although conventional science provides tantalizing
clues that it is indeed possible, these largely
nuclear processes rely on a scale of atomic
reaction and energy that make it beyond the
reach of either the alchemists of yore, or the
cost effectiveness of direct production today.

Virtually all the characters encountered in All
The Gold You Can Eat are convinced that
alchemy is real, and that through ORMUS it is
possible to make gold at ambient temperatures,
well below the boiling point of water.

Although Joe was sworn to secrecy about the
exact methods, all the secrets within the process
itself are actually revealed in stages throughout
the film, so a keen eye will discern the keys to
this ancient tradition along the journey. The film
climaxes with a demonstration of this process
by fabled alchemist Don Nance, which aims
to provide conclusive evidence to confirm or
debunk this most intriguing and timeless theory.

Will Joe and Don succeed in making gold?
The astonishing finale to the film reveals all.

For those of a curious nature, who want
to do a little further research on their own,
here are some of the more leftfield links
and information encountered by Joe de
Kadt as he fell deep into the Internet rabbit
hole in pursuit of the Philosophers Stone.

The source material on these pages became
a springboard into the making of All The
Gold You Can Eat, as Joe realized that he
could not simply take these accounts at
face value - he had to verify the veracity
of these outrageous claims himself.

The practice of alchemy, defined most prominently
as the transmutation of common metals into
gold, is at least as old as recorded history. All the
major ancient civilisations were as fascinated
with gold as we are today, and employed a
wide variety of techniques in order to extract,
convert and manipulate the exotic metal.

The Egyptians were known to practice alchemy,
a master science fused with elemental
magic taught to them by the god Thoth, who
was claimed to have been the true author
of every branch of knowledge, both human
and divine. The Greek analogue to Thoth
was Hermes Trismegistus, which is why
alchemy is known today as a hermetic art.

The term "hermetic" also implies sealed, a secret
knowledge that remains outside the awareness
of the common man, and the study of alchemy
has always maintained an underground, occult
(literally "hidden") character. In early modern
history, luminous names such as Isaac Newton,
Leonardo Da Vinci and the mysterious John
Dee were all known to have devoted much time
and resource into unlocking the secret of the
philosopher's stone. In the majority of these
accounts, the alchemists report the transmutation
of base metals into gold, and of gold into a
revered white powder.

Alchemy is not merely about transmutation of
metals however, it is about transforming elements
into their higher states, and matter into spirit.
Whether this involves turning base metal into gold
or finding an elixir of life, the regeneration of the
soul or the secret of human immortality, the term
implies an altered, divine state. Thus, the very
heart of alchemy is spiritual, which is why so much
of the history of alchemy seems to be steeped in
esoteric law, ritual, and magic.

All The Gold You Can Eat examines the stories
and claims of modern day alchemists, along with
the notion that alchemy, in both spiritual and
physical terms, is alive and well.

David Wolfe is considered to be one of
the world's leading authorities on nutrition,
and holistic wellbeing through natural
processes. Over the past 20 years,
David has given over 2000 lectures,
and published a number of best selling
books on the power of food to heal and
replenish the body's natural systems.
He believes that it is the quantity of
ORMUS minerals in food that determines
whether or not it is a 'superfood'.

The film begins its fascinating journey
from David's idyllic farm in Hawaii, where
he outlines the practice of collecting
ORMUS from seawater, and displays
some of the amazing results produced
with seed, plant and even honey derived
from the ORMUS-rich soil he prepares.
His contribution to the additional long form
interviews is both deep and revealing,
providing genuine insights into the
transmutational powers of monoatomic
gold, and how this simultaneously occurs
on both a material and spiritual level.

Christine is a pharmacist who has written
and compiled a book on ORMUS, its
preparations and reported effects. She
attributes the expansion of the life force
within all living things to be a product
of ORMUS, and she feeds it to her
pets, including a horse and a parrot.

Lazaro believes that one of the keys
to quantifying the effects of ORMUS is
through the use an infrared camera, to
study the heat signatures of people and
animals after they have ingested ORMUS.
During the film, and the accompanying
long form interviews, Lazaro expands
upon his belief that ORMUS is a central
component within the fabled Philosophers
Stone, which he feels certain is no myth,
but a real and powerful phenomenon.

Working from the dry and arid landscapes
of Las Vegas, Pat Bailey is a wellknown
nutritional research specialist and
product developer for the supplement
industry. A chance discovery of an
exotic natural material in 1995 led Pat
to invest huge amounts of time and
resource into finding out exactly what
it was that he had stumbled across.

Pat conducted extensive laboratory testing
into what he later leant was the ORMUS
minerals, and the results confirmed an
extraordinary substance with unparalleled
electromagnetic properties. Pat believes
that the monoatomic elements within
ORMUS could act as superconductors
on the human cell DNA, producing both
profound health benefits as well as
inducing spiritual shifts in consciousness.

After more than 20 years of laboratory
research in cellular neurophysiology, Dr.
Acosta began his research into the field
of quantitative electroencephalography
in 1996. Initially, he worked with QEEG
to test photic and auditory driving
responses to mind machines and
pulsed magnetotherapy treatment on
neuralgic patients suffering MS.

A chance discovery lead him to pursue
research with exponents of meditation and
energy healers, documenting the shifting
brainwave patterns as the healers transit
through different states of consciousness
during the energy healing state. Using
his portable QEEG machine, Dr Acosta
repeats the experiments carried out at the
Alpha Learning Research Institute on Joe,
once the filmmaker has ingested ORMUS.
The results indicate a shift in alpha
wave generation as the superconductor
ORMUS seems to enhance the
electromagnetic potential within the brain.

Arthur is a primary researcher in the field
of seawater induced fertility for crops
and livestock. An extractive metallurgist
by trade, he has experimented for many
years with seawater, documenting
pioneering research into increased
harvests and crop yield through
agricultural additives that are nutrient
dense, and rich in ORMUS minerals.

The rigorous scientific testing that Arthur
and his company have undertaken has
become the authoritative reference for the
study of the effects of ORMUS, and has
allowed his agricultural products to become
FDA approved. During the film, Arthur
offers testimony to the efficacy of taking
ORMUS himself, with astonishing results.

Peter is an architect and a firefighter from
Colorado, who also creates botanical
products and essential oils that he infuses
with home made ORMUS. He demonstrates
for the film how he makes his ORMUS,
and gives Joe some topical ORMUS
oils to administer, the powerful effects of
which are soon felt and documented.

An ardent advocate of the power of
nature and self to heal, Peter believes
that it is the ORMUS minerals that create
the optimum state for regeneration
and wellbeing in all living entities.

From his base in Oregon, Barry Carter has
devoted his life to the research, collation
and promotion of all things ORMUS. It
is his stated objective to assemble as
much authoritative information about
ORMUS as possible, and to communicate
this to as many people as possible.

In addition to publishing books on the
subject, Barry tours the country giving
lectures about ORMUS; how he originally
came across it, and how he believes that
it has the potential to change the current
paradigm. A fascinating and passionate
collector of data and facts, Barry is an
ORMUS magpie who also runs and
moderates the largest ORMUS chat room
on the web. During the film, we find that
even a dedicated ORMUS evangelist such
as Barry struggles to definitively describe
what ORMUS is, and why it exhibits the
effects and shifts reported by so many.

A legend within the ORMUS community,
Don is considered by many to be one of
the most experienced and knowledgeable
practitioners of modern day alchemy living
today. After being diagnosed with advanced
colon cancer, and lacking the resources
for medical treatment, Don was given
ORMUS by a mysterious figure known
only as "The Essene". After three months
of taking M-state (ORMUS) minerals,
the cancer had disappeared entirely.

Since that point, Don has dedicated his life
to tireless research and scientific enquiry
into ORMUS, with the express purpose of
mastering the processes so that he could
become a beacon to heal others. Within
his mastery of alchemy, Don has achieved
the transmutation of M-state elements into
silver, gold and several platinum group
metals, and it is Don who provides the film's
extraordinary ending, as he demonstrates
the process and its astonishing results.

An accomplished cinematographer,
filmmaker and photographer, Joe de Kadt
was born in Sussex, England, in 1972.
Exactly seven years later he got his first
camera, and found his first love.

Joe began his career as a trainee at the
BBC, learning his trade the old fashioned
way, before eventually stepping into
the roles of operator and director of
photography. He has recently returned
to London from Los Angeles where he
operated camera on feature films including
"Isolation" with Eva Amurri and David
Harbour, and "Coyote Requiem" by Jason

In addition to making All The Gold You Can
Eat, and embarking on some compelling
follow up projects, Joe continues to pursue
fine art stills photography as a more
personal endeavor. He is represented by
Millennium Images, and his photography
adorns book jackets for numerous best
selling authors including V.S. Naipaul and
Anne Tyler.

We hope that you have enjoyed All The Gold
You Can Eat, and that it has both inspired
the curious, and intrigued the sceptical.

We believe that the film and its accompanying
interviews document important information
regarding the phenomena of ORMUS. Whether
you believe all the characters in the film is
up to you, although the astonishing claims
and breadth of the testimony within the film
raises questions that deserve further inquiry.

If you've seen the film and would like to
leave a comment, or know a little more about
either the topics discussed or its filmmaker,
please let us know by contacting Joe de Kadt
directly using this contact form.

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